Preparation for the Scrum Master exam and certification for PSM, CSM, and BVOSM

Certifying a Scrum Master with a PSM, CSM, and BVOSM title is not easy. You have to study a lot and pass an exam to get your certificate. Becoming a Scrum Master is not easy.


Scrum Master presents the Scrum roles and responsibilities of the team

When you first implement the Scrum framework in your organization, many people will feel insecure.


Forms of knowledge management

Managers in the organization must manage the knowledge not only of employees but also of business approaches. There are many forms of knowledge management.


The Manager and the Leader as sources of motivation

The manager and the leader in an organization are the main motivators of all employees. Motivation does not come by itself and is not always related to salary.


A certified Scrum Master shares the Daily Scrum event

The Daily Scrum event is important to any Scrum team, but it can easily be disrupted if a certified Scrum Master does not monitor the meeting closely.


Sprint Review event in Scrum Framework

The Sprint Review event is one of the main meetings in the Scrum framework, which requires the presence of the entire Scrum team. Instead of sharing theory and academic information, this report presents possible real and practical situations concerning the Sprint Review event. Reference: Scrum Study: Real situations related to the Sprint Review meeting


Examples of added business value in projects and organizations

Business value is a concept that concerns various economic and business disciplines. Today, the business value is already strongly mentioned in Agile development practices, project management, software development, and even Human Resources.


The project manager maintains the project documentation and reduces the risk

The project manager must take care of the project documentation. Many project templates and documents are used in project management practices, such as Project Charter, Procurement Plan, Quality Management Plan, and many others.


The need for a certified project manager

The need for a certified project manager for our organization is of particular importance. We plan to launch several new projects and for this purpose, we need a certified project manager who will be a direct link to the established roles of the PMO office.

The following additional roles and positions are provided in the program.

Certified Program Manager

The program manager ensures that the program and all its projects remain focused on delivering benefits and that these benefits are consistent with the overall strategy of the organization. In this context, the program manager works closely with all stakeholders and the program board and maintains expectations in line.

The interaction of the program manager with the project managers and their teams is at a level where the program manager is focused on the results and benefits of the program level. This means that focusing on project results becomes a benefit of the program and integrates with the overall results and benefits of the program.

The task of the program manager is to solve problems that escalate from projects at the program level, especially if these problems affect multiple projects throughout the program.

The program manager is expected to provide guidance to all project managers on how communication between individual projects and program teams should take place. Here you can find a training reference for a certified project manager. Reference:

Up-to-date recommendations for a project management certification program can be found for the BVOP Certified Project Manager (BVOPM) of Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd. Reference:

Certified Functional Manager

A functional manager is a person who is responsible for a specific business unit. This person has a specific set of skills, knowledge, and experience needed to manage a team in their field.

In particular, functional managers deal with:

  • Transfer of knowledge and experience to the team.
  • Resource management.
  • Work management.
  • Improving teamwork processes.

The functional manager provides all the necessary tools (coaching, training, education) to promote best practices and deal with any inefficiencies within his team. The managed team has specific skills that meet certain project objectives.

The project manager is expected to work with the functional managers to ensure proper coordination between the individual teams working on the project. Reference: The new certified project manager in the team shares management practices,

Project sponsor

The project sponsor is responsible for initiating and approving the project and assists the project manager during implementation.

The project sponsor identifies the business needs behind the project, helps the project manager to monitor the work, and ensures that the organization enjoys the full benefits of the end results.

The sponsor helps to create the right environment to support the project manager. This support can take various forms such as:

  • Bringing the project in line with the business strategy.
  • Participation in project planning.
  • Develop a clear and concise statement of the problem.
  • Guaranteeing the scope of an envisaged decision – only a specific issue is resolved.
  • Sharing an inspiring vision for motivation.
  • Assist in the management of resources, including budgets and the allocation of qualified team members.
  • Ensure that the project is launched and implemented in accordance with established standards and best practices.
  • Monitoring project progress and taking corrective action.
    Address last-minute change requests that may delay or derail a project.
  • Stakeholder engagement. Reference: Presentation of the project manager to stakeholders, clients and project teams,
  • Ensuring timely informed participation in key decisions to move the project forward.
  • Resolving problems and conflicts outside the scope of the project manager’s powers.
  • Evaluation of the success of the project after completion.
  • Celebrating and rewarding success.
  • Mentoring of the project manager if necessary.
  • Choosing an active project sponsor can be difficult for several reasons:

Project managers rarely have the opportunity to choose their sponsors.

Sponsors may not have time to provide helpful advice and support for difficult projects.

If the project sponsor is at the wrong level and has no influence in the organization, he will not be able to cross the boundaries when necessary.

Certified Project Director

The project director plans and manages large projects for his company or client. Before starting a project, these leaders develop project proposals that are in line with the company’s policy and will help it achieve its business goals. Their main task is to manage project teams, including contractors, coordinators, project managers, creative and technical managers.

The certified project director is responsible for overseeing all aspects of a project to ensure a high standard of quality and project implementation within the set deadlines.

The job responsibilities of the project director include:

Identify and collect all necessary resources, including staff and financial support.
Assigning roles to employees.
Development of project data for tracking progress and maintaining finances.
Approval of costs.

As a project manager, I am expected to prepare regular reports on the progress of the project. Accordingly, my expectations of the project director are to be provided with coaching and guidance on various issues, risks, activities, general management, and approaches to the project.

What qualities do our certified project managers and directors need to have can be found here:

To ensure my in-depth research on training programs, I share current references:

BVOP Certified Project Manager Review

Review of the BVOP Certified Project Manager title,

BVOP Certified Project Manager Review,

What is BVOP Certified Project Manager,

BVOP Certified Project Manager Review

You can also check the list of to compare the info: 

Reference: Reference: Top 40 Project Management certifications for 2020 and 2021, by Ashton Williams ( Time (ISSN 2652-5445)

That is why choosing a good project management certification will not only provide us with an adequate project manager but will also reduce the risk for the entire program.

Steering/Management Committee

The Steering/Management Committee provides support, guidance, and oversight of project progress.

Specific tasks may include:

  • Preparation of an evaluation strategy.
  • Providing advice on the budget.
  • Supporting the achievement of project results.
  • Identification of project priorities.
  • Identification of potential risks.
  • Risk monitoring.
  • Monitoring of deadlines.
  • Quality monitoring during project implementation.
  • Making decisions about necessary changes in the work process.

As a project manager, I am expected to attend Steering Committee meetings to report on progress and answer any questions raised by members. It would be useful for these meetings to be attended by an additional person to help me document the topics discussed and the decisions made.

I propose the following distribution, based on the details documented below for each position and role:

1. Project sponsor

Robert Miller, CEO

2. Program manager

Amanda Smith, Co-Founder and Global Director of Corporate Development

3. Management Committee
  • Katerina Gabriel, Executive Director
  • Martha Lee, Co-Founder and Global Director of Corporate Development
  • Martha Cooper, Senior Marketing Manager
  • Liam James, Global Director of Delivery
  • Barbara James, Regional Director of Human Resources
4. Project Director

Anton Radev, Writer at Business Value-Oriented Principles ( and Regional Product Director

5. Project manager

Nicholas Adam

6. Functional manager

Karl Schmitz, Senior Programmer

Remote project manager

We can hire a remote certified project manager who has graduated from PMA (Project Management Academy, in Europe. The benefits are possibly a lower salary and high motivation. The disadvantages are possibly the difference in time zone, cultural differences, and the different project management methodologies that the Academy teaches. I have to study the program and the subjects.

I will keep you informed on all matters. In the meantime, I am waiting for an opinion on the BVOP Certified Project Manager program and permission to share the plans with the stakeholders that I have carefully selected and described.


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